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Go to Market Guide

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There is no minute or day where you would say that you have launched your business. Launching your business is a process, it is not a point in time. Nevertheless, we recommend that you do choose a start date, that you do choose a point in which you actually decide that this is the way to go. This is setting a milestone for yourself, a deadline for yourself, a deadline for your team, and a start

Most product launchers have difficulties when entering the market with a new offering. Only 40% of new products reach target customers. 60% manage to bring some profit. With these statistics in mind, let's explain the go-to-market strategy to ease the job.


    1. What is the go-to-market strategy? 
    2. Why do you need a go-to-market strategy?
    3. How to create a go-to-market strategy?
    4. How do you write a go-to-market strategy for startups?
    5. GTM strategy template