A New World is coming

A lot of people, analysts, researchers are predicting a new world, a new way of doing things but what we have learned as humankind is that change does not come abruptly and even if it does things have a way of Oscillating into a baseline that in turn is choosing a course.

You can see this period as a "PAUSE", a point that will determine indeed each and every one of your paths. There are those who will change their course and focus on other things, those who will revisit their priorities, those who will push for change, and those who will want to make a difference. But, there is one common denominator between all of us: adaptation.

Indeed, Adaptation is the most important word during COVID 19 times and it is the most important thing to focus on. Adapt to this new reality, think carefully about your next steps and plan ahead. In brief, there are many aspects you can plan and execute and I will lay these down in pointers:

  • Restructure your Business model if it is not yet as scalable as it should be.
  • Restructure your team and keep the most invested people as they will be the leaders and shapers of tomorrow.
  • Restructure your legal and benefit from this time to reach out to Legal experts who can assist you in reorganizing your documents and your legal paperwork.
  • Benefit from Discounts to register new companies and protect your intellectual property.
  • Change your operations, and workflow to make it more automated and scalable.
  • Last but not Least: Prepare marketing for the next phase.


  • Prepare your profiles online through Upwork.com, freelancer.com, and other platforms.
  • Focus on your products being sold online and create, create, create.
  • Artists: Sell your music online, there are a lot of people waiting to listen to Great tracks.
  • Organize your business.

And for all of you reading this and do not know where to start, selling online is the future and E-Commerce is where you should direct your attention. Check out Ecomz.com, an amazing regional startup that helps you set up your e-commerce business in a heartbeat.